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If you have a question or concern about us or our services you can contact us at any time using the contact form at the bottom of the page and a member of our team will be happy to assist during business hours.

Where Are We Based?

We are based in the United Kingdom
and our contact address is:

15 Ruskin Grove, Sheepridge,
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD2 1HR

Can I Resell Your Service?

Yes we welcome all resellers, we keep our prices low for this exact reason. If you choose to resell our service you just use the service as you normally would, there are no hidden fee‘s or extra service charges ever.

Interweb Advertising‘s Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can read answers to some of Interweb Advertising‘s most frequently asked questions.
How is my website advertised?

We have partnered with thousands of high traffic websites to deliver your advertisement via pop under and full page. We also have a publisher program where publishers can also promote full page advertisements.

What methods of advertising do you offer?

Full page which can be purchased in blocks of 5,000 visitors or by the day.
Ad exchange which is only available to our customers.
468x60 and 125x125 banner advertising.
Full page login page advertisements.
Link ads shown on our ad exchange.
Featured text ads which are shown on the footer of our website.

Where will my banners be shown?

All advertisers banners are shown on our publishers websites only.

Do you accept adult websites?

No we do not accept any form of adult content. If you are found to be promoting a website that contains adult content you will be in breach of our terms and your account will be closed without notice.

Are there any sites that will not work?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, iTunes, eBay and some Amazon websites will not work.

You can check to see if the URL you are trying to advertise will work by entering it HERE

Can I view my campaign statistics?

Yes, Our system updates and records all visitors and clicks in real time and you can view your campaign statistics in real time from within your customer control panel.

Do you allow popups?

Yes you may have 1 pop up on your website and it must not force a redirect to another web page.

Do you allow shortened or tracking URL's?

We do not allow any form of shortened or tracking URL as many of our advertising partners do not accept them.

If you use a shortened or tracking URL for your campaign then we will either change it to the destination URL or suspend your account.

How many visitors will I recieve daily?

We can not say as the amount of website visitors you will receive daily will vary from day to day and also depend on the loading time of your website.

Why is my account suspended?

There are many factors which could be the reason.

If your account is suspended it usually means you are in breach of our terms of service or a payment on your account has been diputed.

How long before my campaign is active?

Full page, ad exchange, link ads and featured ads are instanly approved when they have been created.

468x60, 125x125 banner ads and login ads require manual approval by a member of our admin team before they are activated.

What is the publisher program?

The publisher program allows you to earn cash which is automatically transferred to your advertiser balance which can then be used to purchase advertising through our network.

Can I withdraw my publisher earnings?

At the moment we do not offer this feature as we do not want to encourage fraudulent users providing fraudulent traffic, therefore all publisher earnings are automatically transferred to your advertiser balance.

Can I change or pause my campaign?

No. Once a campaign is live it can not be paused or changed.

You may stop your campaign at any time but you will lose any credits remaining on that campaign.

Will my visitors show on Google Analytics

Yes all visitors will show on Google Analytics as coming from InterwebAdvertising.com.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment we currently only accept PayPal and Payza for deposits to your advertiser account.

Do you allow websites that redirect?

No we do not.

If your campaign is found to be redirecting to another website your campaign will be stopped and you will lose any remaining credits left on that campaign.

Is your traffic AdSense safe?

Yes our traffic is AdSense safe. We have had many advertisers use our service who use AdSense and have not faced any issues.

However, our publishers may sometimes promote your website on sites such as traffic exchanges or PTC websites which is against AdSense policies so we advise caution if you are using AdSense on your website.

Do you guarantee sales and signups?

Although sales and signups can be achieved we do not guarantee them as naturally we can not control visitor actions.

My own stats do not match the Spin My Site stats?

Our system records all visitors in real time and only registers a visitor once your website has fully loaded.

Different analytics sytems take different lengths of time to load and record visitors, not all analytics sytems are the same.

We will only go by the statistics within our system and will not be held responsible for statistics that do not match statistics on our system.